Winter sleeping bag Nightech 800

Winter sleeping bag Ferrino Nightech 800

Nightec 800 is the ideal sleeping bag for harsher climate conditions and cold winter nights.

  • Weight: 2.15 kg
  • Size: 220x80x55cm
  • Size packed: 25x44cm
  • Comfort temp: Men -15° C, Women -8 ° C (comfortable for sleeping)
  • Extreme temp: -36 ° C (no hypothermia)
  • Filling: Microfibre 1510 g 
€23.00 / chosen rental period
Rental period

Comfortable sleeping bag for cold winter nights when temperature drops below zero. Nighttech 800 features dual-zip, cold protection hood, padded zip baffle and padded heat collar to increase heat insulation and comfort. Also included is a sleeping linen for the purpose of thermal insulation and hygiene.