Matkavarustuserent.ee rental agreement:

  1. Having leased the property belonging to the matkavarustuserent.ee, the Lessee has accepted these rental conditions and, in all matters of dispute, proceeds from these rental terms and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

  2. Rental of the property is based on an invoice issued by matkavarustuserent.ee, which specifies the exact list of the leased property, the length and cost of the lease period.

  3. The Lessee pays of the rental amount fully in advance.

  4. The Lessee is required to return the asset no later than the day following the expiration of the indicated rental period to the address Vibu 8-96, Tallinn, 10415 or by sending it to the Omniva or Itella Tallinna Arsenal Keskus Parcel Machine.

  5. In case the Lessee encountered the need for returning the property after the agreed date in the invoice, the Lessee is required to inform the Lessor without delay. The Lessor has the right to demand double rent payment for days beyond the due date.

  6. In case the Lessee cancels the order 48h prior rental period, rental payment will not be returned by Matkavarustuserent.ee
  7. The Lessee is required:

    1. Use the property prudently and according to the purpose.

    2. Return the property cleaned and in the same condition it was when received.

    3. Immediately notify the Lessor if the property is lost, damaged or destroyed.

    4. Upon disappearance or destruction of the property, the Lessee is obligated to compensate the Lessor for the damage caused. The Lessor shall determine the amount to be compensated taking into account the amount of damage. The maximum amount of compensation is the market value of the product as a new one.

    5. In case of damage to the property, the Lessee is required to compensate the Lessor for repair costs.

    6. For the days past due or for damaged property, the Lessor shall submit an invoice to the Lessee. It is payable instantly.

  8. The Lessee has no right:

    1. Give the Lessor's property to third parties.

    2. Independently execute or order from third parties repair of the Lessor's property unless it has been previously agreed with the Lessor.

  9. Matkavarustuserent.ee has an obligation:

    1. Immediately notify the Lessee if, after the return of the asset, it is determined that the leased asset has become unusable or there is a significant decrease in the value of the property.

    2. Reduce or revoke the rental fee in favor of the Lessee if it turns out that the property rented by the Lessee was either partially or completely unusable.