Hiking Backpack Millet Prolight 45L

Hiking Backpack Millet Prolight 45L

Lightweight and comfortable backpack for a pair of hiking trips.

  • Capacity: 45L
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Waterproof cover
  • Color: blue
€19.00 / chosen rental period
Rental period

Prolight is a lightweight and quite spacious backpack designed to keep in mind a mountain hike. This means that the backpack carries more lightweight gear and it's easy to carry with a climbing belt - the fact that makes it a great bag for example via ferrata. This bag is very convenient because of its lightweight frame and it is very stable, provided it's not packed too heavily. Prolight is a fairly minimalist bag that only has a top entrance.

  • Well breathable back section.
  • 2 places for storing ice axes.
  • Very light yet durable material.
  • Wedding stap has a loop where you can attach gear that you might need quickly.